Yesterday, I laughed a lot with my friends on a picture and then when i thought about it, I was so ashamed of it that I started to apologize myself, and I asked Allah for forgiveness. SAY NO TO RACISM! We act like racists while we’re joking, from inside we all have that racist characteristics. … More Racism


What do you feel like when yourpassing on a street with loads of beggars begging for alms, money with their conscious dead? They are also people just like you guys, they have their respect and their soul but they just lose it, why? Only because they dont have another choice. They have a family back … More POVERTY

achieving goals

Living in a country like pakistan, where you are bound to the society, some people who have achieved their goals, their aims and their dreams is very inspirational. It gives you the spirit to stand up and look forward to your goals and it motivates you a lot  and makes you to pick and opt … More achieving goals